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"I don't speak because I have the power to speak. I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent." - Rabbi A. Y. Kook


My motivation to run for Madison Common Council is to represent YOU, residents of the 16th District, and bring the entire city together. I will collaborate with city stakeholders to improve our district and the city as a whole.  I decided to run because I see and hear about many unaddressed needs, including:

  • Community engagement and representation

  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability

  • Neighborhood safety

  • Housing options and opportunities

  • Environmental stewardship, with the expansion of a landfill in my district

​I believe in neighbors getting to know one another and working together with local elected officials so we can develop new solutions for current and future problems, concerns, and issues. Together we can make a better Madison that works for all of us.

One of my goals is to make city government more user friendly, transparent, and accountable. Enough with late-night deals without opportunity for public input. Let's address the issue of speeding and reckless drivers. We've all seen it and heard about it. We hear gunshots or hear about shots fired incidents so often it's no longer news. Yet one gunshot is one too many. One homicide is one too many.  As your representative before the Common Council, I will collaborate to improve the issues our community is facing.




BRT and Metro Transit

To create and afford the BRT, bus routes are being phased out or changed in certain areas and neighborhoods. If we are committed to attracting a diverse and growing workforce, we need to make public transportation safe, easy, and accessible to every neighborhood.

And we need to do it in a sustainable way, with ridership covering the operating expenses as much as possible, even if it will take some re-tooling. 



It's getting increasingly difficult for workers from all backgrounds to buy or rent affordable housing in our city.

I will advocate for transparency and better communication and collaboration when housing developments or zoning changes are being considered. Our City government needs to keep residents informed and invite input long before the projects and changes are being voted on by city committees, commissions, or the Common Council.

Neighborhood Safety

Keeping the community safe is one of the most important roles of city government. I regularly hear from residents concerned about shots fired and speeding and reckless driving on our streets. 

I will collaborate with Chief Barnes and the MPD to develop strong community partnerships and work toward providing the tools that Madison Police officers need to do their jobs. I support body-worn cameras for increasing transparency and accountability and proactive, community policing.  

cares_van (1).jpg

The CARES Team

Mental health is a growing concern in Madison and it is increasingly important to expand our CARES (Crisis Alternative Response Emergency Services) team to handle low-level behavioral mental health calls.

If elected, I will spearhead an effort to establish a public-private partnership to fund and expand CARES faster without pitting our vital first responders against each other in the budget process. I believe there is a huge appetite for this work in our city. 


Image by Brett Jordan


I have found the City of Madison to be a beautiful, opportunity-rich city and a great place to own a home, advance my career, and most importantly, raise my family. But many people of color, people with disabilities, and people from low-income backgrounds face many challenges. There are educational disparities, income inequality, lack of accessibility to adequate health care, and few options for affordable housing. As Alder, I will work to build relationships, identify obstacles to achieving equity, and bring these concerns to the Common Council to find solutions. 


Landfill Management

The Environment

The Dane County Sanitary Landfill expansion in our district was already decided by the city before any good community engagement had taken place. That's not the way I will conduct city business when elected to the Common Council.

It's time for the city, county, and federal government to come together and work toward the remediation of PFAS at the Dane County Airport and Truax Field. The longer this is delayed, the more PFAS will get into our ground water. 




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